2024-2025 Official University Academic Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2024-2025 Official University Academic Catalog

School of Theology and Vocation

Dr. Kelly D. Liebengood, Dean

Dr. Viktor Roudkovski, Department Chair

Professors: Dr. Kelly Liebengood, Dr. Steven Mason, Dr. Patrick Mays, Dr. Viktor Roudkovski
Associate Professors: Dr. Benjamin Johnson, Dr. Jonathan Lett, Dr. Luke Tallon
Assistant Professors: Dr. Michael Mauriello



Department of Theology  


Across the nation and around the globe, graduates from LeTourneau University’s Department of Theology are known for their innovative and effective ministries and their in-depth biblical insights. Featuring an international faculty with extensive ministry experience and academic credentials, the Department of Theology seeks to develop a broad base of biblical and theological understanding, while integrating ministry skills with biblical principles that can be applied to Christian ministry and to students’ personal lives. Both rigorous academics and practical applications prepare graduates for ministry positions, seminary, and graduate school.

The School of Theology and Vocation offers degrees in the following majors: Scripture and Theology (BA & BS); Christian Ministry (BA & BS); Theological Studies (BA & BS); and Bible and Ministry (Bachelor of).

Bachelor of Arts and Science in Scripture and Theology

The Bachelor of Arts in Scripture and Theology (BAST)  is designed for students who seek extensive training in biblical interpretation and Christian theological method.  The degree features the study of the Scriptures in their original languages, extensive biblical formation, rich engagement with the thinking, worship, and history of the church, and an eye toward the lived expression of Christianity in Christian communities both locally and globally.  This degree provides a strong foundation for graduate studies or for Christian ministry.  A Bachelor of Science in Scripture and Theology (BSST): On Campus    and a Bachelor of Science in Scripture and Theology (SCTH): Online   are offered as well.

Bachelor of Arts and Science in Christian Ministries

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry, (CMBA)  is designed for students who seek robust formation in preparation for vocational ministry, whether with children, youth or adults in the local church, with para church ministries, or with mission organizations.  This degree has a foundational core of biblical and theological studies, with a focus on the theology and practice of ministry.  Students will be equipped to think biblically, theologically, and strategically about a variety of ministry and cultural contexts.  A  Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry (CMBS): On Campus    and a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry (CHMN): Online   are offered as well. 

Bachelor of Arts and Science in Theological Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies (TSBA)  is a streamlined degree designed for students who wish to pursue in depth study of the Bible, Christian Theology, and Christian Ministry alongside other academic disciplines.  This program of study will shape students for Christian engagement with their communities and churches, providing them with a biblically and theologically informed framework for their life and work.  A   Bachelor of Science in Theological Studies (THST): Online   and Bachelor of Science in Theological Studies (TSBS)   are offered as well.

Bachelor of Biblical Studies and Ministry

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies and Ministry (BBSM): Online   is offered to our online students. The degree has an emphasis on Christian Ministry courses, while also providing essential frameworks for biblical and theological formation.  The degree offers excellent preparation for students considering vocational ministry in church, parachurch, and missional settings.


The Department of Theology offers an array of minors - Biblical Languages Minor (BILA)  , Biblical Studies Minor (BI)  , Christian Ministry Minor (CMIN)  ,  Cross-Cultural Studies Minor (CC)  , Philosophy and Ethics Minor (PHET)  , Theology Minor (THEO)  , Youth Ministry Minor (YMIN)  - that enhance both Department of Theology majors and other degrees in a variety of disciplines. One of these minors, paired with an Aviation, Business, Education, or Engineering degree makes a strong combination for graduates wanting to work in Christian organizations.