2024-2025 Official University Academic Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2024-2025 Official University Academic Catalog

Students with Disabilities


When seeking admission to LeTourneau University, a student with a disability should be aware of admission standards.The standard admissions criteria also apply to students with disabilities who are interested in attending LETU. Extended SAT and ACT tests will be accepted. A student may choose to self-disclose a disability in the application for admissions. If self-disclosed, the disability will not enter into the admissions decision.

Academic Program

The appropriate academic support, deemed reasonable and necessary by law, will be provided to students with documented disabilities that have been accepted according to the University’s admissions criteria. LETU has no specific programs for students with disabilities; however, the University provides students with disabilities reasonable accommodations in order to provide all students equal access to academic programs and the university experience. The University is unable to lower program requirements; provide individualized supervision; or make modifications or substitute courses if the modification or substitution would fundamentally alter the nature of the educational program. Additionally, requirements that are essential to earning a degree cannot be waived.

Financial Aid

All financial aid including federal, state, or private grants; scholarships; and loans will be administered without discrimination to all students, regardless of disability, who is admitted to LeTourneau University. For all LETU students, the amount of financial aid awarded is affected by a reduced course load; students with disabilities who choose a reduced course load should be aware that financial aid is affected.


Students with disabilities are encouraged to self-identify after admission and provide required documentation to the Director of Student Achievement. Students enrolled in an institution of higher education are required to self-identify if they would like to request academic support services on the basis of a disability. Students who need facility adjustments must notify the Director of Student Achievement.


Students are required to provide documentation of a disability to the Director of Student  Achievement prior to the provision of academic support services or facility adjustments. Documentation must be no more than three years old. In the case of a medical disability of mobility, sensory, health, or physical limitations, a complete medical report and formal diagnosis from a physician is necessary. The deadline for providing documentation is 60 days prior to the beginning of the initial semester to allow time to provide adequate coordination of services. A student who wishes to identify himself or herself as having a disability must provide documentation of the disability and complete an Accommodation Request and Consent Form.

In the case of a learning or psychological disability, acceptable documentation includes a psychoeducational evaluation and formal diagnosis performed by a licensed therapist who specializes in learning disabilities. The evaluation must delineate the nature of the student’s learning problem and describe any factors that entitle the student to academic support services. Each evaluation must include an assessment of broad cognitive functioning (e.g. the WAIS R test), specific cognitive processing (discussing visual spatial abilities, auditory and visual memory, fine motor ability, executive functions, and selective attention), oral language ability, and achievement levels. All scores must be reported and interpreted. The physical or psychoeducational evaluations must also explain how the student’s ability to perform routine school tasks is affected by the disability and recommend modifications that would be reasonable and necessary at LETU.

Academic Support

After appropriate documentation has been provided to the Director of Student Achievement, accommodations will be determined on an individual basis dependent upon documented need for services and the University’s assessment of the individual’s need as related to the chosen academic program. These services may include liaison with faculty members, promotion of self-advocacy skills, and securing appropriate classroom accommodations. All LETU students have access to study skills counseling and some tutoring.

At the student’s request and upon receipt of a signed consent form, the Director of Student Achievement will notify the appropriate faculty of recommended specific accommodations. The student will then meet with instructors to discuss the accommodation. Students must update their requests for accommodations each semester by completing and returning the update form to the Director of Student Achievement prior to the start of each semester.

Reasonable accommodation involves a level of shared responsibility, cooperation, and communication among faculty, staff, and students in order to ensure academic integrity and provide equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities. Ultimately, the student is responsible for notifying the Director of Student Achievement if adjustments are not working well.