2022-2023 Official University Academic Catalog 
    Aug 14, 2022  
2022-2023 Official University Academic Catalog

Civil Engineering, B.S. (BSCE)

Cognate Courses (22 Hours)

CEE Engineering Science Elective (6 Hours)

Total Credit Hours: 128

Optional Focus Areas: Students may choose to pursue one or more of the below focus areas by completing the CEE Design Electives below.  A focus area is not required for completion of a BSCE degree.

Structural Engineering Focus:

Water Resources Engineering Focus:


1 Minimum grade of ‘C’ required

2 Science Elective may be chosen from BIOL 1113 /1111 BIOL 3204 ENVT 1113 /1111 GEOL 1114 

3 Math or Science Elective must be a 3-hr minimum math or science course.  Science courses do not need to include a lab, unless it is a corequisite for the course.  Acceptable science courses do not include lower-level versions of basic sciences intended for non-science majors.  Math courses must be calculus-level or higher; MATH 3903 History of Mathematics  is not accepted.