2022-2023 Official University Academic Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2022-2023 Official University Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Business Administration (MBA):Non-Traditional

The Master of Business Administration is an online program designed to meet the needs of working business professionals who desire to be effective leaders.  We train well-prepared business graduates who excel at creativity, innovative thinking, complex critical thinking, moral judgments and high emotional and social intelligence.  Because of our Christian foundation, LeTourneau is uniquely equipped to prepare MBA graduates with the ethical and critical thinking skills which are much needed elements of leadership in business.

The MBA program is an intensive online educational experience which requires a considerable degree of independence and personal discipline.  It is designed for adult students who can independently master course content when given structured learning objectives and a prescribed methodology.  Some courses require group work and projects which depend on collaboration among students in assigned groups.


In addition to the admission requirements for graduate studies at LeTourneau University, admission to the MBA program has additional requirements.

GPA Requirements: An applicant who does not meet the minimum GPA requirements for unconditional or probationary acceptance into the graduate program may provide a two-page professional resume, with employment history, job responsibilities. and volunteer service to the community and church.  This material will be reviewed by the Graduate Admissions Committee which may grant probationary admission in some special circumstances.  In no event will a student be admitted to the MBA program with a GPA of less than 2.25. The GPA calculation can be overall or for the last 60 hours.


Admission to the MBA program requires all entering students to demonstrate knowledge, theory, and practice through course work in financial accounting, managerial accounting, macroeconomics, microeconomics, finance, marketing, and statistics. Transcripts will be evaluated to determine whether the student has completed the necessary course work. If a student does not have all the required coursework, the student may take the required courses before applying or may take Academic Leveling Courses through Peregrine Academic Services. The seven Academic Leveling Courses available are the following:

Required Course Academic Leveling Course
Managerial Accounting Accounting
Managerial Economics Macroeconomics
Decision Analysis Quantitative Research Techniques & Statistics
Managerial Finance Business Finance
Quality & Operations Management Operations/Production Management
Marketing Management Marketing

Detailed information about registration for the Academic Leveling Courses, the cost, and access to the courses will be provided as part of the application process for students who wish to take the courses.



BUSI 5113 - Entrepreneurial Leadership 
BUSI 5123 - Organizational Behavior & Design 
BUSI 5233 - Managerial Accounting  
BUSI 5273 - Managerial Economics  
BUSI 5423 - Decision Analysis  
BUSI 5503 - Managerial Finance  
BUSI 6163 - Cross-Cultural Management  
BUSI 6233 - Quality and Operations Management  
BUSI 6303 - Marketing Management  
BUSI 6503 - Strategic Management  *


Total Credit Hours: 30

  *Strategic Management is the capstone course for the MBA.  It is taken in the final semester of the program after most of the courses for the degree have been completed.


PROVISIONAL ACCEPTANCE: Parallel Enrollment of Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students who have completed 60 hours toward an undergraduate degree in business may apply for admission to the MBA degree program through the Office of Admissions.  lf the student meets all entrance requirements other than degree completion, the student will be accepted provisionally into the program.  After completion of 60 hours, undergraduate students accepted provisionally will be allowed to take up to twelve hours of graduate business courses which also may apply toward undergraduate degree requirements.  Following the posting of the undergraduate degree, the student’s status will be changed to regular admission status if all requirements are met.

The following specific courses are approved for parallel undergraduate and graduate credit:

BUSI 5123 - Organizational Behavior and Design is available for parallel credit for MGMT 3313 - Organizational Behavior

BUSI 6163 - Cross-Cultural Management or BUSI 6653 - Global Enterprise is available for parallel credit for BUSI 3613 - lnternational Business

BUSI 5423 - Decision Analysis is available for parallel credit for BUSI 3653 - Quantitative Methods

BUSI 5233 - Managerial Accounting is available for parallel credit for upper-level accounting elective

With advisor approval, other graduate business courses may be available for parallel credit for undergraduate upper-level business electives.