2021-2022 Official University Academic Catalog 
    Jun 15, 2024  
2021-2022 Official University Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Courses Allowed as Electives

Biblical Engagement Electives:

Any Bible course numbered 2000-level or above.

Ingenuity Electives:

Science Electives:


B.A. (requires lab component)

B.S. (requires lab component)

Bachelor (Not B.A. or B.S.)
3 Hour Science Elective 4 Hour Science Elective 8 Hour Science Elective 3 Hour Science Elective

Science Electives for BA or BS degrees: BIOL 1011/1013, BIOL 1111/1113; BIOL 1121/1123; CHEM 1014, CHEM 1111/1113; CHEM 1121/1123; ENVT1111/1113; GEOL1114; PHYS 1014; PHYS 1111/1113; PHYS 1121/1123; PHYS 2011/2013; PHYS 2021/2023. For AS or Bach degrees: any three credit hour course with the BIOL, CHEM, ENVT, GEOL or PHYS prefix.