2021-2022 Official University Academic Catalog 
    Jun 14, 2024  
2021-2022 Official University Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Engineering

School of Engineering and Engineering Technology


Dr. Steven Starrett, Dean

Dr. Matthew Green, Associate Dean

Department Chairs:

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering - Dr. Scott Anson
  • Department of Welding and Materials Joining Engineering - Dr. Richard Baumer
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - Dr. Darryl Low
  • Department of Engineering Technology - Mr. Jeff Johnson
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - Dr. Joon Wan Kim

Professors: Dr. Scott Anson, Dr. Jonathan Demko, Dr. Jesse French, Dr. Matthew Green, Dr. Joon Wan Kim, Dr. Paul Leiffer, Dr. Dana Medlin, Norman Reese, Dr. Steven Starrett, Dr. Shelli Starrett
Associate Professors: Dr. Benjamin Caldwell, Dr. Habel Churu, Dr. Chad File, Dr. Marian Iordache, Jeffrey Johnson, Dr. Hoo Kim, Dr. Darryl Low, Oscar Ortiz, Dr. Ezequiel Pessoa, Dr. Yunus Salami, Dr. Kotaro Sasaki, John Tixier, Dr. Kraig Warnemuende
Assistant Professors: Dr. Richard Baumer, Dr. Andrew Davis
Instructors and Lecturers: Jo Lin Gowing, Joel Koblich, Craig Olson


Virtually everything we use on a daily basis has been made possible by the genius and creativity of engineering. LeTourneau University offers Bachelor of Science degrees in a variety of Engineering and in Engineering Technology areas and a Master of Science degree in Engineering, with multiple specializations.




The teaching focused programs at the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology prepare students to impact the world through the engineering profession as servant-leaders of Christ-like character and ingenuity.



  • Christ-Centered Community: We are a Christ-centered community of living faith, growing together with integrity, honesty, and trust.  Everything we do is integrated into and flows out of our service to God in Jesus Christ. 
  • Outstanding Education and Professional Mentorship: We provide an outstanding ABET accredited engineering education with an exceptional value through unique learning experiences, dedicated faculty, and student mentoring.
  • Heritage of Faith and Innovation: We value the heritage of faith and innovation passed down from R.G. LeTourneau and equip students, staff, and faculty to be engineers of creativity and ingenuity.