2020-2021 Official University Academic Catalog 
    Jan 22, 2021  
2020-2021 Official University Academic Catalog

Civil Engineering, B.S. (BSCE)

Cognate Courses (22 Hours)

CEE Skills Elective (6 Hours)

CEE Engineering Science Elective (6 Hours)

CEE Design Elective (12 Hours)

Total Credit Hours: 128

Optional Focus Areas: Students may choose to pursue one or more of the below focus areas by completing the CEE Design Electives below.  A focus area is not required for completion of a BSCE degree.

Structural Engineering Focus:

Water Resources Engineering Focus:


1 Minimum grade of ‘C’ required

2 Science Elective may be chosen from BIOL 1113 /1111 , BIOL 3204 , CHEM 1123 /1121 , ENVT 1113 /1111 , GEOL 1114 , PHYS 2023 /2021 

3 Math or Science Elective must be a 3-hr minimum math or science course.  Science courses do not need to include a lab, unless it is a corequisite for the course.  Acceptable science courses do not include lower-level versions of basic sciences intended for non-science majors.  Math courses must be calculus-level or higher; MATH 3903 History of Mathematics  is not accepted.