2020-2021 Official University Academic Catalog 
    Oct 26, 2020  
2020-2021 Official University Academic Catalog

Major Programs and their CIP Codes

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Major Title CIP Number
AAAS Aviation Maintenance Science, B.S.  15.0801 
AACS Aviation Maintenance Science - Computer Science Concentration, B.S. 15.0801 
AAET Aviation Maintenance Science - Electrical Technology Concentration, B.S. 15.0801 
AAMG Aviation Maintenance Science - Maintenance Management Concentration, B.S. 15.0801 
AAMM Mission Aviation, B.S.        49.0102 
AAMT Aviation Maintenance Science -  Mechanical Technology Concentration, B.S. 15.0801 
AASD Aviation Studies, B.S.: Non-Traditional  49.0104 
AAST Aviation Studies, B.S.    49.0104 
ACJ  Criminal Justice, A.S.: Non-Traditional 45.0401 
ACT    Accounting, B.S.:
AEDU Associate of Education: Non-Traditional 13.0101
AFFS Professional Flight, Aviation Maintenance Concentration, B.S. 49.0101 
AFMI Mission Aviation, Flight Concentration, B.S. 49.0101 
AFML Professional Flight, Military Concentration, B.S.   49.0101 
AFPP Professional Flight, B.S.  49.0101 
AIS  Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies: Non-Traditional 13.1202 
AMC Aviation Maintenance Certificate 29.0401
ASAM Aviation Maintenance, A.S. 29.0401
AUAR Unmanned Aircraft Systems, A.S.:Non-Traditional 49.0101
AUAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems, A.S.


AUVE Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Electrical Concentration, B.S. 49.0101
AUVS Unmanned Aircraft Systems, B.S. 49.0101
AUVT Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Technician Concentration, B.S. 49.0101
AVAA Aircraft Dispatch, A.S.: Non-Traditional 49.0101
AVAD Aviation Management - Aircraft Dispatch Concentration, B.S.: Non-Traditional 49.0101 
AVAG Aviation Management, A.S.: Non-Traditional 49.0101
AVAM Aviation Management, A.S. 49.0101
AVAQ Aircraft Dispatch, A.S. 49.0101
AVAS Aviation Security, A.S. 49.0101
AVAT Aviation Security, A.S.: Non-Traditional 49.0101
AVMD Aviation Management - Aircraft Dispatch Concentration, B.S. 49.0101 
AVMF Aviation Management - Professional Pilot Concentration, B.S. 49.0101 
AVMG Aviation Management, B.S.: Non-Traditional      49.0101 
AVMH Aviation Management - Homeland Security Concentration, B.S.: Non-Traditional 49.0101 
AVMM Aviation Management, B.S.       49.0101 
AVMN Aviation Management - Maintenance Concentration, B.S.: Non-Traditional 49.0101 
AVMP Aviation Management - Professional Pilot Concentration, B.S.: Non-Traditional 49.0101 
AVMS Aviation Management - Homeland Security Concentration, B.S.  49.0101 
AVMT Aviation Management - Maintenance Concentration, B.S.  49.0101 
BAST Scripture and Theology, B.A.   39.0201 
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration - General Business Concentration: Non-Traditional 52.0201
BBAC Bachelor of Business Administration -  Accounting Major           52.0301 
BBFI Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance Major 52.0801
BBGB Bachelor of Business Administration -  General Business Major     52.0201 
BBHR Bachelor of Business Administration - Human Resource Management Major 52.0201
BBM  Bachelor of Business Management: Non-Traditional 52.0201 
BBMG Bachelor of Business Administration -  Management Major          52.1301 
BBMK Bachelor of Business Administration -  Marketing Major           52.1401 
BBSM Bachelor of Biblical Studies and Ministry: Non-Traditional 39.0201 
BCJH Bachelor of Criminal Justice - Homeland Security Concentration 45.0401
BCJM Bachelor of Criminal Justice - Management Concentration 45.0401
BCJT Bachelor of Criminal Justice - Human Trafficking Concentration 45.0401
BEGR Engineering -  Biomedical Specialization, M.S. 14.0501 
BENG Master of Engineering -  Biomedical Specialization 14.0501 
BHS  Bachelor of Human Services: Non-Traditional        44.0000 
BMBS Biomedical Sciences, B.S. 26.0102
BME  Engineering - Biomedical Concentration, B.S.  14.0501 
BSCE Civil Engineering, B.S. 14.0801
BSEE Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electrical Concentration, B.S.  14.1001
BSCP Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Concentration, B.S.  14.0901
BSCJ Criminal Justice, B.S.: Non-Traditional   45.0401 
BSHM Healthcare Management, B.S.:Non-Traditional 51.0701
BSME Mechanical Engineering, B.S.  14.1901 
BSMC Electrical and Computer Engeering, Mechatronics Concentration, B.S. 14.4201
BSPY Psychology, B.S.: Non-Traditional         42.0101 
BSST Scripture and Theology, B.S.   39.0201 
BYBS Biology, B.S.              26.0101 
CE   Engineering - Computer Concentration, B.S.    14.0901 
CEGR Engineering - Computer Engineering Specialization, M.S.  14.0901 
CENG Master of Engineering - Computer Engineering Specialization   14.0901 
CHBY Chemistry - Biological Concentration, B.S. 40.0599 
CHCH Chemistry, B.S.            40.0501 
CHEN Chemistry - Engineering Concentration, B.S.   40.0599 
CHFO Forensic Chemistry, BS   40.0510 
CHMN Christian Ministry, B.S.: Non-Traditional 39.9999
CHPH Chemistry - Physical Concentration, B.S. 40.0506 
CINS Computer Information Systems, B.S.: Non-Traditional 11.0401 
CIS  Information Systems, B.S.     11.0401 
CJBS Criminal Justice, B.S.   45.0401 
CJHS Criminal Justice -  Homeland Security Concentration B.S. 45.0401
CJHT Criminal Justice - Human Trafficking Concentration, B.S. 45.0401
CJMG Criminal Justice - Management Concentration, B.S. 45.0401
CMBA Christian Ministry, B.A. 39.9999 
CMBS Christian Ministry, B.S. 39.9999 
CMHC Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.A.: Non-Traditional 51.1508
COMM Communication - Integrated Media Management Concentration, B.A. 09.0102
COMS Communication Integrated Media Management Concentration, B.S. 09.0102 
CPE Engineering- Computer Concentration, B.S. 14.0901
CRIJ Bachelor of Criminal Justice    45.0401 
CSBS Computer Science, B.S.    11.0701 
CSE  Computer Science and Engineering, B.S.       14.0901 
CSGD Computer Science - Game Development Concentration, B.S.    11.0899 
CSMA Computer Science and Mathematics, B.S. 30.0801 
CST  Computer Science and Engineering Technology, B.S.    15.1201 
CVE  Engineering - Civil Concentration, B.S. 14.0801 
CVGR Engineering - Civil Specialization, M.S. 14.0801 
CVNG Master of Engineering - Civil Specialization  14.0801 

Cyber Security, A.S.: Non-Traditional


CYAS Cyber Security, A.S. 29.0207
CYSC Cyber Security, B.S.: Non-Traditional 29.0207
CYBS Cyber Security, B.S.     29.0207 
EE   Engineering - Electrical Concentration, B.S. 14.1001 
EEGR Engineering -  Electrical Specialization, M.S.  14.1001 
EENG Master of Engineering - Electrical Specialization 14.1001 
ELE1 English/Language Arts, B.A.       13.1305 
ENLL English Language and Literature, B.A.   23.0101 
EPHY Engineering Physics, B.S. 14.1201 
ET   Engineering Technology - Electrical Concentration, B.S. 15.0303 
ETAS Engineering Technology - Aeronautical/Electrical Concentration, B.S. 15.0399 
EVGR Civil Engineering, Environmental Concentration, B.S. 14.0801
FIBB Bachelor of Business Administration -  Finance Concentration: Non-Traditional      52.0201 
HIE1 History, with Foreign Language as a  Supporting Field, B.A.  13.1328 
HIM Health Information Management, B.S. 51.2706
HIMG Health Information Management, B.S.:Non-Traditonal 51.2706
HIPL History-Political Science, B.A.   54.0199 
HRBB Bachelor of Business Administration -  Human Resource Management Concentration: Non-Traditional 52.0201 
ISBA Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A.          30.9999 
ISBS Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.          30.9999 
ISE1 Interdisciplinary Studies,Early Childhood - 6Th Grade Certification, B.S.       13.1202 
ISE2 Interdisciplinary Studies,4Th-8Th Grade Certification with Language Arts and Social Studies Concentrations, B.S.   13.1202 
ISE3 Interdisciplinary Studies,4Th-8Th Grade Certification with Mathematics and Science Concentrations,  B.S.  13.1202 
ISE4 Interdisciplinary Studies, 4Th-8Th Grade Certification, B.S.       13.1202 
KES  Kinesiology - Exercise Science Concentration, B.S.       31.0505 
KIE2 Kinesiology, All Level (EC-12) Kinesiology, B.S.    13.1314 
KIN Kinesiology, B.S. 31.0505
KMIN Kinesiology - Sports Ministry Concentration, B.S.    31.0505 
KSC  Communication - Sports Communication Concentration, B.S.    09.0906 
KSM  Kinesiology - Sports Management Concentration, B.S.        31.0504 
LSE4 Life Sciences, B.S.        13.1316 
MABS Mathematics, B.S.          27.0101 
MABY Mathematics - Bio-mathematics Concentration, B.S.       27.0306 
MAE1 Mathematics Education, B.S.   13.1311 
MAFN Mathematics - Finance Mathematics Concentration, B.S.     27.0305 
MASC School Counseling, M.A.: Non-Traditional 42.2805
MAST Mathematics, Applied Statistics Concentration, B.S. 27.0501 
MBA  Master of Business Administration: Non-Traditional    52.0201 
MCGR Engineering - Mechanical Specialization, M.S.     14.1901 
MCI Master of Education - Curriculum and Instruction Specialization: Non-Traditional 13.0301
MCNG Master of Engineering - Mechanical Specialization 14.1901 
MEAC Master of Education - Educational Administration with Curriculum Emphasis: Non-Traditional 13.0401
MEGR Engineering, M.S.          14.0101 
MENG Master of Engineering    14.0101 
MGBB Bachelor of Business Administration -  Management Concentration: Non-Traditional   52.0201 
MHA  Health Care Administration, M.S.    51.0701 
MJE  Engineering - Materials Joining Concentration, B.S. 14.2001 
MJGR Engineering - Materials Joining Specialization, M.S. 14.2001 
MJNG Master of Engineering - Materials Joining Specialization 14.2001 
MJT  Engineering Technology - Materials Joining Concentration, B.S.  15.0614 
MPSY Psychology, M.A.: Non-Traditional      42.2801 
MSL  Master of Strategic Leadership     52.0213
MT   Engineering Technology - Mechanical Concentration, B.S.   15.0805 
MTAS Engineering Technology - Aeronautical/Mechanical Concentration, B.S.  15.0899 
MTE  Master of Education - Teaching & Learning Specialization, EC-6 Certification: Non-Traditonal 13.1202 
MTL  Master of Education -  Teacher Leadership Specialization: Non-Traditional    13.0401 
MTM  Master of Education - Teaching & Learning Specialization, 4-8 Certification: Non-Traditional 13.1203 
MTS  Master of Education - Teaching & Learning Specialization, 7-12 Certification: Non-Traditional 13.1205 
NPBB Bachelor of Business Administration - Non-Profit Management Concentration: Non-Traditional     52.0201 
NURS Nursing, B.S.               51.3813 
PRNR Pre-Nursing, B.S.              51.3813 
PSAD Political Science - Advocacy, Relief, and Development Concentration, B.S. 45.1099
PSCP Counseling Psychology, B.S. 42.0101
PSE4 Physical Sciences, B.S.    13.1316 
PSHS Political Science - Homeland Security Concentration, B.S.  45.1099  
PSNS Political Science - National Security Concentration, B.S.  45.1099  
PSPL Political Science - Political Leadership Concentration, B.S. 45.1099  
PSYA Psychology, B.A.           42.0101 
PSYS Psychology, B.S.           42.0101 
SCE4 Science Composite, B.S.      13.1316 
SCJH Criminal Justice - Homeland Security Concentration, B.S.: Non-Traditional 45.0401 
SCJM Criminal Justice - Management Concentration, B.S.: Non-Traditional    45.0401 
SCJT Criminal Justice - Human Trafficking Concentration, B.S.: Non-Traditional  45.0401 
SCTH Scripture and Theology, B.S.: Non-Traditional 39.0201
SSE4 Social Studies, B.A.       13.1318 
T4-8 Interdisciplinary Studies - 4Th - 8Th Grade, B.S.: Non-Traditional   13.1202 
TEC6 Interdisciplinary Studies - Early Childhood - 6Th Grade, B.S.: Non-Traditional 13.1202 
THST Theological Studies, B.S.: Non-Traditional 39.0601
TSBA Theological Studies, B.A. 39.0601 
TSBS Theological Studies, B.S. 39.0601


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