2018-2019 Student Handbook 
    Nov 27, 2020  
2018-2019 Student Handbook

University Police and Vehicle Regulations

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The LeTourneau University Police Department is authorized by the State of Texas and LeTourneau University to function as a fully empowered law enforcement agency in accordance with the provisions of the Texas Education Code. The Police Officers of the Department are duly sworn Peace Officers in and for the State of Texas and, as such, bear all the rights, authority, responsibilities, protections, powers and privileges of their sworn office. These sworn officers serve the University alongside the traditional Guards that have provided service and safety for the community for over forty years. Combined as an integrated and well trained agency it is our goal to ensure safety during your educational experience at LeTourneau University. We are committed to the ideals of community oriented policing guided by the principles of the scriptures and empowered by the University so that we may continuously strive to meet the goal of a safe and secure campus through training and quiet preparedness.

All personnel within the University Police Department, whether on or off-duty, in plain clothing or in uniform, are empowered to enforce the regulations of the University by issuing citations or initiating other corrective, investigative or restorative measures.

The following regulations are designed to (a) promote the safety and convenience of LeTourneau University students, employees and visitors, (b) provide access for emergency equipment and (c) facilitate University functions. All vehicle regulations apply to all students, faculty members, and staff of the University as well as contract and sub-contract employees or vendors operating on University property. These regulations are in effect and enforced 24-hours a day throughout the year, both during and between academic terms.

Remember all LeTourneau University rules governing the use and operation of vehicles on campus as well as all State laws are enforceable under the authority of the University Police Department (UPD).

Persons having questions related to these or other regulations should contact the Chief of University Police at 903-233-4441.

Chief of Police
LeTourneau Police Department


LeTourneau University is a pedestrian campus, therefore campus community members are required to walk to classes and other campus commitments from parking areas that are specifically assigned for the individual’s particular type of campus registration decal. Motor vehicle traffic should be kept to the minimum possible in order to promote the safety of our pedestrian population. Pedestrians and bicyclists should be given right-of-way however it is imperative that pedestrians and bicyclists not assume that such right-of-way is being given by an approaching motorist.



All members of the LETU community (student, faculty, staff, contract/vendor personnel) are required to register their vehicles with UPD. Registration decals are provided by UPD at no charge. Fees and fines may be assessed to any vehicle owner for failure to register. Additional fines will be assessed if the vehicle remains unregistered. Registration cards are distributed at all student registration functions, Swarm and Preview events, as well as daily from the UPD Offices. Registration may be completed in person at UPD or online at: www.letu.edu/UPD.

There are appropriate forms available for students’ vehicles as well as faculty/staff-owned vehicles. New employees are provided an opportunity to register vehicles during new employee orientation. Online registrations will be received by University Police via email. They will be processed and a decal will be mailed to the applicant via campus mail.

  •  Community members must obtain and properly display a registration decal on their vehicle within the first two weeks of the initiation of the current semester or within two weeks of obtaining a vehicle. Residential students are limited to ONE automobile (car or truck) on campus at any given time.
  • Residential students may have a motorcycle and/or bicycle registered on campus in addition to an automobile.
  • Faculty, staff and contract employees must obtain and properly display a registration decal on their vehicle(s) within two weeks of becoming employed or within two weeks of obtaining a vehicle. Faculty and staff members may register more than one vehicle.
  • All community members who have a bicycle on campus must obtain and properly display a LeTourneau University parking decal on their bicycle. This is a theft prevention initiative as well as a means of recovering property if it should be stolen.
Temporary Visitor Permits

Permits are provided at no charge through the Police Department for:

  • Persons who are temporarily using a different or other than the one they registered, for a short period of time (fewer than 30 days)
  • Guests on campus overnight or longer; the guest’s vehicle may be issued a temporary permit for their visit at no charge
  • Visiting faculty, vendors, contractors who will be on campus daily over three consecutive days or more.
Registration Update

Every vehicle owner/operator is personally responsible for maintaining their vehicle registration current with respect to the information contained in the registration.

  • Living area assignment must be kept current even if you change living areas in mid-semester
  • License plate number and state of registration must be kept current at all times
  • Liability insurance information (company and policy #) must be kept current at all times If a new vehicle is purchased or placed into service at any time, the owner/operator is required to register that vehicle with UPD within 10 days of acquiring the vehicle or within 10 days of placing the vehicle into service on campus. Updating your vehicle registration is FREE of charge.
Display of Registration

All vehicle registration decals issued by UPD must be displayed on the vehicle to which it is assigned. Decals are not transferable.

  • Cars and Trucks: Decals will be displayed on the exterior of the lower left corner of the rear windshield so as to be visible from behind the vehicle.
  • Motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds: Decals will be displayed on one of the following areas; windshield (if present), right front fork or license plate bracket. The decal must be visible and not concealed from view.
  • Bicycles: Vertical frame tube below the seat post or cross-bar in front of the seat. New and replacement decals are free of charge.


Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

All cars, trucks and motorcycles must be maintained in safe working condition in compliance with the original manufacture specifications. Vehicles may NOT be altered so that they are substantially reduced in ability to protect the occupant/operator/rider. All lights, signals, warning devices, and drive/braking systems must be fully operational. All motorized vehicles (regardless of type of motor/engine) must be covered by a liability insurance policy in compliance with Texas State law, regardless of the state of license plate registration. Vehicles not in such working order may be removed from campus at the owner’s expense after reasonable opportunity has been given to make appropriate repairs to the vehicle.

Driver’s Licenses

Every operator of a motor vehicle on the LeTourneau University campus must have in their possession, a current and valid State issued driver’s license for the type of vehicle being operated. Every driver is required to display their driver’s license upon demand of a UPD Officer or Guard.


Texas State law requires that every motor vehicle be covered by a liability insurance policy (minimum). All vehicles operated on LeTourneau University property must have such an insurance policy. The driver of a vehicle is personally responsible to be able to show—upon demand of any UPD Police Officer or Guard— current, valid liability insurance coverage.

Towed Vehicles, RVs and Vehicle Extensions

There is limited space on campus for utility/moving trailers, other towed vehicles. University Police and Student Life will identify a location on campus where these items may be stored for a fee.

All trailers will be required to be:

  • Registered with University Police and have coverage under a vehicle liability insurance policy
  • Secured by a tongue lock to be supplied by the owner. A chain and padlock on the wheel/frame as an added security measure is highly recommended.

Recreational Vehicles (i.e. motor homes, RV trailers, campers, boats, trailered personal watercraft and trailered motorcycles) are not permitted to be stored on campus. These types of vehicles/trailers may be maintained at a local RV park or commercial storage area.


All vehicles must be parked on a paved surface and within the confines of a single parking space unless otherwise directed by a UPD officer or guard. Vehicles with a trailer attached are considered to be two units of traffic and may occupy two adjoining (end-to-end) parking spaces.

Limited Parking Areas
  • Some parking areas are restricted to 30 minutes as a loading area.
  • White curb or stripe on pavement adjacent to the curb indicates limited time parking (30 minutes).
  • Yellow curb or stripe on pavement adjacent to curb indicates no parking at any time.
  • Red curb or stripe on pavement adjacent to the curb indicates a fire lane and no parking at any time. A violation of the fire lane restriction is a violation of State law and City ordinance as well as University rule. Fire Lane violations may be addressed through University processes or through the Longview Municipal Court system depending on circumstances present at the time of the violation.
Handicapped Parking

Parking in Handicap parking areas without proper handicap credentials displayed inside or on your vehicle is a violation of State law as well as University rules. This will be strictly enforced. Handicap parking areas may NOT be used as a loading area for loading or unloading cargo from any vehicle unless it is properly marked with handicap credentials and being used in support of a handicapped person. The handicap parking space consists of the space for the vehicle and a diagonally striped area to facilitate special needs of the owner/operator. Handicap Parking violations may be addressed through University processes or through the Longview Municipal Court system depending on circumstances present at the time of the violation.

Special Prohibited Parking

Some areas are marked by signage that indicates that it is prohibited to park in that immediate area. All such signage indicating a prohibition to park in an area refers to BOTH sides of the street on which it may appear and includes an area of at least 100 feet on either side of the sign indicating the prohibition.

Reserved Parking

Certain parking areas are reserved for various reasons. This may include guest parking, specific types of customers or utility or other University vehicles. Only the specified by the sign may park in such reserved areas.

Parking/Driving on Non-Paved Areas

Vehicles may only be operated or parked on paved surfaces. Vehicles may park on grassy or dirt areas only at the direction of UPD personnel or by signage authorized or placed by UPD personnel. Special events which require vehicle operation on grassy or dirt areas must obtain approval through the Chief of Police at least one business-day in advance of the event.

Zone Parking Rules

Each vehicle is assigned to a color coded parking area according relationship and status with the University

  • Residential Students: Blue parking decal
  • Non-Residential (Commuter) Students: Orange parking decal
  • Society (AO, KZX, LAS) Resident Students: Green parking decal
  • The Village Apartments Resident Students: Red parking decal
  • Faculty/Staff employees: Purple parking decal
  • Vendor/Staff (contract) employees: Purple parking decal

Blue residential parking areas are assigned by specific named living areas and parking rules are as follows:

  • Quads Houses: (Durham, Carpenter, Howe, and McKinley) – parking 24/7 is solely for residents of the Quad Houses.

Other Blue residential parking areas of Residential Halls (Tyler East, Tyler West, Mabee, Pennsylvania, ELH, Gilbert, Thomas, Davis, and South Hall) may park in any of the following lots 24/7:

  • Tyler West lot
  • Tyler East lot
  • Trinity Halls lot
  • Speer lot
  • South lot

Responsibility for finding an authorized parking space within the zones designated rests with the motor vehicle operator.

  • Orange Commuter lots are for all non-residential students (traditional and global). During the Zone Parking hours listed above, Commuter & global students may use the following parking lots: Belcher Center, Solheim Activity Center, Margaret Estes Library, Glaske Engineering and Science lot.
  • Green Society Resident decals are solely for residents of the society buildings. Residents of AO, KZX and LAS must park on the parking lots immediately adjacent to their society house.
  • Red Village Apartments decals are solely for the residents of The Village Apartments. These consist of married students, honors students, graduate students, and some faculty/staff members from time to time. Faculty/Staff members housed in The Village Apts will have a purple Faculty/Staff decal. During the Zone Parking hours residents of The Village Apts, must park on the Village parking lot most immediately adjacent to their apartment.