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LeTourneau University    
  Feb 22, 2018
2017-2018 Official University Catalog

School of Business

LeTourneau University’s School of Business distinguishes itself through the legacy of its founder, R. G. LeTourneau who was an entrepreneurial business leader, a pioneering engineer, and a man of faith. In the same way, students see their life’s work as a holy calling with eternal impact seeking to be faithful leaders in business.


Our program offers a variety of majors and minors, allowing students to tailor their education to specific areas of interest. Today’s international employers often select employees based on specific skills, but promote for general skills. With that in mind, all of LeTourneau’s business majors have three essential components: (1) a strong foundation of general education courses; (2) a solid core of business courses; and (3) specialized study in a specific area of business.


Focused classroom instruction and internship experiences, as well as the opportunity to study abroad, combine to help make this a reality–preparing our students for “Every Workplace” and “Every Nation.”




    Bachelor of Science

    A Bachelor of Science degree may be granted in the following areas:

    Bachelor of Business AdministrationBachelor of Business ManagementMaster of Business AdministrationMaster of Engineering ManagementMaster of Strategic LeadershipMinor

    A minor may be selected from the following areas: